The NEO-M8 modules can receive and process t he GLONASS satellite system as an alternative to the US-based Global Positioning System (GPS). -blox NEO-M8 positioningu modules are designed to receive and track the L1OF signals GLONASS provides at 1602 MHz + k*562.5 kHz, where k is the LoRa GPS Tracker: This project will show how to assemble your own GPS tracker module, for use with Ripple LoRa mesh networks. ... Step 1: Wiring. The Feather board just needs the BN-180 GPS receiver wired up to it, with the following connections: (black) GND -> GND pin on feather (red) VCC -> 3.3V pin on feather ...for more info checking out and testing the BN-220 GPS Module. Speed runs and GPS Rescue mode. pdf user manual
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